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We get fast and real results unlike most companies that claim to repair credit and utilize the same dispute letter process that you can find online for free and do yourself.

Dispute letters by themselves are not that effective and the results are minimal. Also, while some items may get deleted through this process, there is a likelihood that whatever was removed will come back 45-65 days later as a re-insert.

This is why you need credit experts on your side who have the resources and knowledge to permanently get negative items removed and provide you with the education necessary to maintain a healthy credit profile.

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We understand that for the average person credit reports seem like they are written in a foreign language.

Our credit experts will teach you how to accurately read your credit report, and walk you through the steps needed for you to achieve your credit related goals.

With the constant evolution of the credit industry, we view all of our clients as long term partners, and will be here for you should new credit related questions arise.

Working With Us

Why doing your homework is so important when choosing the right credit repair company.

Industry Leaders

NOVO Credit Repair is a leader in counseling, educating and repairing consumers’ credit files. Our extensive knowledge of all regulatory and compliance acts and laws has helped clients identify strategies to effectively get creditors to remove negative items and inaccuracies. Our mission, supported by our integrity, is to provide full transparency through an online portal (accessible 24/7) to keep you updated of the progress made at any given time.

Credit Tools

One of the most important part of our service is communication and transparency. Each client gets free access to a secured online portal with 24/7 access. This tool shows when and what actions have been taken and all responses from our investigations which also get sent directly via text or/and email. We also provide discounted memberships to the best online monitoring service including identity fraud, opt-out, and FICO score iq and much more…


Even though credit counseling and repair is legal, some agencies take part in illegal practices or make false claims as to what is legitimate or possible. For instance, many companies do not follow all FTC and other Acts by pretending to be able to remove negative items directly from your reports, that is simply not possible as only creditors and bureaus may do so. For more information about compliance and laws please go to our Why Us page.

Consumers' Rights

While we offer credit repair programs, we advocate consumers’ rights and protection first by providing everyone free information and access to governing laws and regulations. It is absolutely a right for each individual to directly work with creditors and bureaus to repair their own credit. For those interested in pursuing self resolution, make sure to read the FRCA, or the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all others.

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Our mission is to counsel and educate you on how credit works, gets repaired and what rights you have as a consumer to set you up for success.


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