Public Records

You may encounter a credit report where the public record items are coded. The chart below will help you determine the type of public record based on the code.

AB JDAbstract Judgment (foreclosure,etc.)PD CLPaid collection ($50 and up)
BKRPTBankruptcySECLNSecured loan
FINCLFinancial counselorsSP MTSeparate maintenance
FN STFinancial statement filedST JDSatisfied judgment (foreclosure,etc.).
FORCLForeclosureSUDISuit dismissed
LIENTax LienUP CLUnpaid collection
MARMarital items (divorce, etc.)WEPWage earner plan

Account Type Codes

The following chart will help you determine the account type.

CLine of CreditIInstallment
MMortgageOOpen Account (30 or 90 days)
RRevolving (open-end account)UUnknown

Account Types

The following is a list of account types you may encounter on a credit report.

AutoCredit Line Secured
UnsecuredCollection Agency/Attorney
Partially SecuredFamily Support
Home ImprovementReal Estate-Jr. Liens and Non-Purchase Money First
FHA Home Improvement LoanSecond Mortgage
Installment Sales ContractGovernment Unsecured Guaranteed Loan
Charge AccountGovernment Secured Guaranteed Loan
Real EstateGovernment Unsecured Direct Loan
Time Share LoanGovernment Secured Direct Loan
Factoring Company AccountGovernment Grant
Construction LoanCommercial Installment Loan
Flexible Spending Credit CardCommercial Mortgage Loan
Business LoanHome Equity
Recreational MerchandiseGovernment Over payment
Education LoanGovernment Fine
LeaseGovernment Fee for Services
Check Credit or Line of CreditGovernment Employee Advance
Manufactured HousingGovernment Miscellaneous Debt
Credit CardGovernment Benefit
FHA Real Estate Mortgage LoanReturned Check
Lender Placed InsuranceInstallment Loan
Household GoodsCommercial Line of Credit
Note LoanAgricultural
Secured by Household GoodsBi-Monthly Mortgage Payments
Secured by Household Goods and Other CollateralSemi-Monthly Mortgage Payments
VA Real Estate Mortgage LoanHome Equity Line of Credit
Conventional Real Estate Mortgage-Purchase Money FirstBusiness Credit Card
Real Estate MortgageDeposit Related
Rental AgreementMedical Debt
Secured Credit CardChild Support
FMHA Real Estate Mortgage LoanSpouse Support
Summer of Accounts with Same StatuesAttorney Fees
UnknownDebit Card
Debt Counseling ServiceDebt Consolidation
Combined Credit PlanUtility Company
Auto LeaseSecured Home Improvement
Business Line Personally Guaranteed

Account Status Codes

This chart will help you determine the rating code for payments.

$Assigned to US Department of EducationFIn financial counseling
0Too NewGForeclosure process started
1As agreed, not more than 1 payment past dueHIn WEP or other party
2Pays 30-59 days, not more than 2 payments past dueJAdjustment pending
3Pays 60-89 days, not more than 3 payments past dueMIncluded in Chapter 13
4Pays 90-119 days, not more than 4 payments past dueSDisputer-resolution pending
5Pays over 120 days, 5 or more payments past dueUNeed account # to check
7Making payments/Wage Earner PlanZAccount included in bankruptcy
8RepossessionCDCollection status unpaid
8AVoluntary repossessionCFCollection status in financia lcounseling
8PRepossession, making paymentsCJCollection status adjustment pending
8RRepossession redeemedCNCollection status new listing
9Charge off to bad debtCPCollection status paid
9PMaking payments on an account rated 09 or 9BCOCollection status
AAccount is inactiveCSCollection status disputed-Resolution pending
BLost or stolen cardCTCollection status payment
CContact Member for statusCUCollection status unknown
DRefinanced or RenewedCXCollection status checked
EConsumer deceasedCZCollection status in bankruptcy or other party

Account Rating Codes

The chart below will help you determine the rating code for accounts.

Revolving or
Open AccountMeaning
I0R0O0Too new to rate
I1R1O1Pays account as agreed
I2R2O2Not more than two payments past due
I3R3O3Not more than three payments past due
I4R4O4Not more than four payments past due
I5R5O5More than 120 days or four payments past due
I7R7O7Making regular payments under WEP.
I9R9O9Bad debt; placed for collection
IARAOAAccount is inactive
IBRBOBLost or stolen card
ICRCOCContact member for status
IDRDODRefinanced or renewed
IEREOEConsumer deceased
IFRFOFIn financial counseling
IGRGOGForeclosure process started
IHRHOHIn WEP of other party
IJRJOJAdjustment pending
IMRMOMIncluded in Chapter 13

ECOA Codes

ECOA CodesDescription
AAuthorized User – This individual is an authorized user of this account; another individual has contractual responsibility
CJoint Account Contractual Responsibility – This individual is contractually obligated to repay all debts arising on this account. There are other people associated with this account who may or may not have contractual responsibility.
IIndividual – This individual has contractual responsibility for this account and is primarily responsible for its payment
MMaker (signer) – This  individual is responsible for this account, which is guaranteed by a Co-maker (cosigner)
PShared Account – This individual participates in this account. The association cannot be distinguished between ECOA I or J
Sco Signer – This individual has guaranteed this account and assumes responsibility should signer default
TTerminated – Account is terminated
UUndesignated – This is reported by the Bureau only
XDeceased – the subject is on record as being dead.

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