Can your rent payments actually help you build credit and increase your scores?! Now they can with Rental Kharma!

This service will actually confirm your lease or rent with your landlord so that each payment you make on time gets reported every month on your credit report to help you build your credit profile and potentially increase your score.

The process is quite simple:

  1. Register online, choose the time period you want to be reported and pay the appropriate fee.
  2. Your lease or rent agreement gets confirmed with your landlord. Thereafter, every month, the service confirms that you made your payment on time.
  3. Your prompt rent payment gets reported on your TransUnion credit report and you build your credit by adding a positive item on your file

The application is very easy and the service is quite affordable so don’t miss out and start making your rent be a positive item on your credit profile starting today.

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Our process is simple and improves your credit scores with all 3 bureaus quickly:

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Disclaimer:  Please note that this service reports to TransUnion ONLY at this time and, NOT on Experian or Equifax. Rent Kharma does plan on adding the other bureaus to its list but there’s no time frame as to when this will actually happen. The good news is that existing customers will not have to pay an additional fee to include Experian and Equifax when/if it happens!

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