At NOVO Credit Repair, a Long Beach company serving consumers from Los Angeles to New York and all across the United States, our mission is to repair consumers’ credit, educate them on their rights, identify opportunities to improve their scores and credit risk profile as well as providing a level of understanding as to how to obtain, maintain and manage a healthy credit profile.

The importance of maintaining great credit is invaluable as it can allow one to use credit to buy a home, a  car, start a business, go to school and most importantly save a great deal of money by getting the lowest interest rates, not having to put as much money down to qualify, therefore saving upfront and over the life of any loan.

Our commitment is to provide the best service, customer support and education, full transparency and protect their valuable personal information while going through our process.

We offer a core service of credit repair and complimentary services including Rent Kharma (Reports your rent to TransUnion to build credit), a selection of credit cards (secured cards that report to all 3 bureaus and appear as unsecured) specifically designed for re-establishing good payment history while repairing your credit.


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