Credit File Analysis

Our credit experts will analyze your reports to identify any negative items along with any opportunities to increase your scores.


A friendly consultant will explain our entire proven process, portal and your custom action plan to get your scores up quickly.

Proven Credit Repair

Within 72 hours our experienced team will contact creditors and bureaus to initiate investigations and get negative items removed.

Get Real Results

We get better and faster results as we go after all negative items directly from the start from Liens to Collections to Bankruptcies…

Expert Credit Repair

During our FREE credit repair consultation, on the phone or in our Long Beach office, we will thoroughly explain how our service and process works and what your options are.


Our service targets all negative items simultaneously until removed to increase your credit scores much faster.


As we stand by experience, track record, strategic and aggressive approach, we offer a full refund policy if no items are removed.

fico score percentages credit law experts

There are no contract as we are confident our results will keep you enrolled in our service until your scores have increased.


We assign a credit expert to each client who analyzes your credit reports and provides you with a custom plan and recommendations.

Why NOVO Credit Repair

Credit repair and counseling you can trust.

Our credit repair experts are not just here to simply sign up a client and then send out cookie cutter dispute letters like most other companies or services, but rather we dive into each case searching for any violations from the 72+ credit related laws that protect consumers from inaccuracies, mistakes and negligence such as the “FCRA” (Fair Credit Reporting Act), “CCPA“ (Consumer Credit Protection Act), the “FACTA” (Fair and Accurate Credit Act) and the “FDCPA” (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) to name a few, in order to legally and permanently remove negative items and improve your credit profile. Our service is specifically designed for consumers trying to qualify for a home, auto, student, business or any type of loan as well as credit cards as we target all negative items right from the beginning ensuring each client fast results.

In addition to repairing your credit, our experts will provide you with a level of credit related education and resources that will benefit you for years to come.

Years of Expertise

Proven Credit Repair

Come to us for help to fix your credit file and improve your scores, get real results and get knowledge that will last you a lifetime!

Secured Online Portal


We offer all our clients and affiliates full transparency 24/7 with their own secured online portal to check our progress.

All Negative Items Removal

By leveraging consumer rights and applicable laws, we get creditor and bureaus to remove any and every kind of items that may be hurting your score and preventing you from obtaining loans, credit cards, insurance, jobs…

Don’t Be a Victim of ID Theft. Protect Yourself!


We recently noticed an alarming increase in cases involving stolen identities including unauthorized credit lines, credit cards, loans, inaccuracies and more.

Needless to say, any of these items individually will destroy anyone’s scores and ability to obtain credit!

To help reduce our clients’ exposure and risk, we we developed and implemented our new ID Theft and Fraud Risk Prevention process with all our programs.

All Bureaus

We work with all 3 major bureaus to get all negative items and inaccuracies removed permanently


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